You can find on this page the Italy tourist map to print and to download in PDF. The Italy tourist attractions map presents the monuments, museums, parks and points of interest of Italy in Europe.

Italy tourist map

Map of Italy travel

The Italy tourist map shows all tourist places and points of interest of Italy. This travel map of Italy will allow you to easily plan your visits of landmarks of Italy in Europe. The Italy tourist map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

With more than 43.2 million tourists a year as its mentioned in Italy tourist map, It is the fourth highest tourist earner, and fifth most visited country in the world, behind France (76.0 million), Spain (55.6 million), United States (49.4 million), and China (46.8). People mainly come to Italy for its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture, its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and priceless ancient monuments, especially those from the Greek and Roman civilization. Tourism is one of Italy fastest growing and most profitable industrial sectors, with an estimated revenue of $42.7 billion.

Northeast Italy as you can see in Italy tourist map boasts several important tourist attractions, such as the canal-filled city of Venice, the cities of Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Trento, Bolzano, Bologna, Ferrara, Piacenza, Parma, Ravenna and Trieste. Home of the Italian Riviera, including Portofino, and of Cinque Terre. There are many historic cities in northwest Italy such as Turin, the manufacturing capital of Italy, Milan, the business and fashion capital of the country, and the important port of Genoa which share the region's visitors with beautiful landscapes like the Lake Como area.

Central Italy is possibly the most visited in Italy and contains many popular tourist attractions. Rome boasts the remaining wonders of the Roman Empire and some of the world best known landmarks such as the Colosseum. Florence as its shown in Italy tourist map, regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, is Tuscany most visited city, whereas nearby cities like Siena, Pisa, and Lucca also have rich cultural heritages. Other important tourist destinations include the Amalfi Coast and Ravello, Apulia and the beaches and sights of Calabria, as well as up-and-coming agritourism make this less visited region become increasingly popular.

Italy attractions map

Map of Italy tourist attractions

The Italy attractions map shows all monuments and sightseeing of Italy. This tourist attractions map of Italy will allow you to easily discover monuments, museums ans places to visit of Italy in Europe. The Italy attractions map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

For travelers making their way through Italy, the Colosseum is a must see attraction. This huge Amphitheater as its mentioned in Italy attractions map is the largest of its kind ever built by the Roman Empire and has remained a model for sports facilities right up to modern times. A gondola ride through the canals of Venice is a tradition that travelers have been enjoying for centuries. Venice is a city of islands, and the canals have long been the city main streets, connected by a labyrinth of narrow passageways. The still smoking volcano of Mt. Vesuvius looks down on the remains of the city it destroyed in AD 79. But that same eruption also preserved many of the city art treasures: frescoes, mosaics, and sculptures that were encased in the lava as it cooled.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually just one of many attractions in the city of Pisa, but its fame, gained from its flaw, is world renown. Work began on the tower in the 1100s, and the sinking, which led to the lean, began by the time the tower reached the third story. Lake Como is one of Italy most scenic areas, surrounded by mountains and lined by small picturesque towns as you can see in Italy attractions map. The Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a stunning stretch of coastline along the Sorrentine Peninsula, south of Naples and Sorrento. Regarded as one of the finest cathedrals in the world, the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, dominates the Florence skyline.

Cinque Terre is a lovely coastal region with steep hills and sheer cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. The Vatican is home to some of the world most priceless art and art collections as its shown in Italy attractions map. The centerpiece is the great Basilica of St. Peter, with the tomb of St. Peter and one of Michelangelo most poignant works, the Pieta. In addition to being one of the world foremost art museums, the Uffizi is a one-stop history of Italian Renaissance art. Although it contains works by some of the great masters of western art. One of the most important tourist sites in Venice is St. Mark Basilica. Most visitors in Venice will find themselves in the famous square, Piazza San Marco, in front of the basilica, looking at the main west-facing facade. The Pantheon, an exceptionally well preserved remnant from Roman times, reveals the incredible architectural achievements of the Roman Empire.