You can find on this page the Italy wine map to print and to download in PDF. The Italy wine regions map presents the vineyards and wine growing areas of Italy in Europe.

Italy wine map

Maps of Italy vineyards

The Italy wine map shows all wine growing areas of Italy. This wine regions map of Italy will allow you to easily localize all appellations and main grape varieties in Italy in Europe. The Italy vineyards map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Italy 20 wine regions correspond to the 20 administrative regions as its mentioned in Italy wine map. Understanding of Italian wine becomes clearer with an understanding of the differences between each region; their cuisines reflect their indigenous wines, and vice-versa. The 36 DOCG wines are located in 13 different regions but most of them are concentrated in Piedmont and Tuscany.

Northeastern Veneto is among Italy most productive wine regions as you can see in Italy wine map, best known for producing its sparkling Prosecco wine. The large, fertile Emilia-Romagna region spans nearly all of central Italy, from the east to the west coast, and is one of the country oldest wine producing areas. The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has perfect conditions for growing wine and, in fact, is the region with the most vineyards in Italy.

Italy northern Piedmont region produces some of the country’s most renowned red wines: Barolo and Barbaresco. Nestled within the Po River Valley, the region is flanked by the frosty Alps up north and is in close proximity to the balmy Mediterranean. Tuscany is home to Italy most scenic vineyards as its shown in Italy wine map, verdant rolling hills and likely the country best-known wine, chianti. It is Italy most ancient wine-producing region, dating back to the 8th century BC, and its wines are often blends that incorporate its native Sangiovese grapes.