You can find on this page the Italy trains map to print and to download in PDF. The Italy railways map presents the rail network and shows high speed rails routes of Italy in Europe.

Italy rail map

Map of Italy train lines

The Italy rail map shows all the railway stations and lines of Italy trains. This train map of Italy will allow you to easily travel by train in showing the major rail routes and high speed rail routes of Italy in Europe. The Italy rail map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The nationwide rail system was begun in the 1800s, and expanded greatly under the Fascist regime of Mussolini, who famously, "made the trains run on time." Bombardment during WWII devastated the rail lines but reconstruction occurred under the post-war Marshall Plan as its mentioned in Italy rail map. The first high-speed trains debuted in the 1970s and today, Italy continues to, little-by-little, at least, modernize and expand its rail system.

Italo, a private rail company, runs fast trains on routes between several major cities as you can see in Italy rail map. In recent years, it has taken a bite out of Trenitalia business, particularly where it competes with the Freccia trains. Italo has an extremely modern fleet of clean, comfortable trains, with service classes ranging from Smart (standard) to Club Executive (VIP class).

Some small private rail companies in Italy as its shown in Italy rail map serve towns in one area such as Ente Autonomo Volturno that has routes from Naples to places like the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii or the Ferrovie del Sud Est that serves southern Puglia. All trains are part of the national rail line, Trenitalia.